Can a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor get married?

Posted by ptljesus @ptljesus, Apr 12 6:09am

Can a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor, now 26 years,who was diagnosed the same around 11.years before, marry ? What are the risk life span, child.birth,genetic transfer to baby etc..kindly reply with real experience..thankyou

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@ptljesus, great questions. I can see that you're questioning the future, making life decisions, and your cancer history obviously plays a part in that.

I'm tagging fellow members like @caracello22 @annalise @avalon11 @jessica0 to join this discussion as I bet they have grappled with some of these questions too.

Most Hodgkin lymphoma isn't thought to run in families. Less that 5% may be familial and have inherited variants that may increase risk. You could talk to a genetic counsellor about this.

The quick answer is yes, people who have had childhood experience with Hodgkin's lyphoma can get married. Your questions go deeper than that. I think you're asking about what does this mean also for your potential partner. Might your life span be different from theirs? Can we have children? These are good questions to ask, but may not have exact or simple answers

I think the other question is when you find a possible life partner, what, when and how does this come up in discussion?


Hi,thankyou for your partner is not yet fixed..trying to convince some normal people..the questions posed are by the people who come forward to there any possibility for a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor to have AIDS ,as inherited or infected thru needles in childhood...kindly update..thankyou


Hello! This is a good question to ask. I know I can say that building a long term relationship with someone is definitely possible. It is important to help that person understand what might be important for you related to your history with cancer (like how often you might have follow up appointments, is there anything that would be helpful for you like support around medical appointments if these are hard). Depending on your situation, talking about goals for family planning/if you would like to have children would also be an important conversation to have as there might be a few more factors to consider if fertility was impacted. Most importantly, you deserve to be with someone who does not view a history with cancer as a burden, so educating people about medical concerns is okay, but take time to find someone who is accepting of you as you are :). (Also, I don't believe there is a link between hodgkin's lymphoma and AIDS, but you can get testing done to see if that is something of concern.)


My husband & I will be celebrating our marriage of 11 years this year. He has been the most supportive, patient, & understanding gentleman through my seven years with cancer. When we were dating in 2011 I was diagnosed with undetermined colitis. I guess that was a good relationship test you could say. For five years it was managed and during that time we were able to get married and have a little boy with a little girl on the way. I was 25 years old when I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer, three weeks after I had my beautiful daughter, & my wonderful son who was only one at the time. I have been receiving immunotherapy for the last six years going on seven now and have been doing well. When we met our future plan looked different than we thought it would be but that’s just another good reason to find someone who will go through those peeks and valleys with you.

I don’t have information for you about the risk factors of fertility, life expectancy, or genetics but these are good questions. @annalise had wonderful advice too. I believe you can find someone that’s just for you.

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