Calyceal diverticulum

Posted by kimberlyaj @kimberlyaj, Aug 17, 2021

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with a Calyceal Diverticulum in their kidney? I’m a 47 year old, otherwise healthy woman. I’ve suffered from reoccurring UTI’s and developed severe kidney infections with all 4 of my pregnancies. Back in June, I was rushed to the ER to only be told I had a UTI and was sent home after a urinalysis and being given 2 Tylenol. Six hours later was taken by ambulance to the hospital and after a CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, and lab was told I had a 14mm stone, however, it had grown in between an extra wall that was most likely genetic. I had a Nephrostomy placed for a week prior to having open surgery thru my back to remove the stone. I was released on July 4th and am now scheduled to have an Open Partial Nephrectomy next Friday, August 27th. I haven’t been in pain since recovering, however suffer from extreme nausea and still very lethargic. I’ve also had an infection since being home which was treated with an antibiotic. I care for my terminal mom full time and can’t afford the months of recovery or the risk of being exposed to Covid or anything else right now. If anyone has any experience with something similar or any advice, I’d love to hear.

Thank you,
Kimberly in NWArkansas

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Four months after my kidney transplant I discovered bladder cancer after a cysto which proved stage 2. Currently, going through 3 or 4 rounds of chemo depending on MRI results next week.
After that a bladder removal due to the High-Grade Muscular Involvement Urothelial Cancer. No side effects yet. Today was the end of the second set of chemo treatments.
I also am diabetic which rules out radiation. It gets complicated. It will be open, none robotic surgery AtBanner/University cancer center probably some time in September. I made contact with the local UOAA Chapter which has been a big help explaining the details of what to expect I recommend you try to doo this also.
Hope this helps. Keep in touch.



Hi @kimberlyaj, welcome to the Kidney & Bladder Group. It sure sounds like you've been through a lot and have some challenges ahead. I assume that since you are having a open partial nephrectomy that a minimally invasive option like percutaneous, ureteroscopic and laparoscopic techniques were not possible in your case.

In addition to @tusconguy's helpful post, I'm inviting fellow members like @hshiffrin17 @pmwilson @stephanierp @trishanna @granny50846 who may have experiences to share about nephrectomy and what to expect.

Kimberly, being a caregiver to your mom who needs fulltime care certainly adds stress to your situation. I'm confident that the hospital will follow strict COVID prevention protocols, but I understand your real concern about infection and, of course, about recovery time. What have you been told about what to expect for recovery? Are you able to get assistance for your recovery, both for yourself and for your mom?


Dear Kimberly, I hope this finds you feeling better since your initial treatment. You certainly have your hands full with your health challenges along with those of your mother's. I too had to deal with lethargy and nausea. The good news is that these issues improved with time after the surgery. The healing takes time but hang in there and know you will feel better. Take care.

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