CA 19-9 and pancreatic cancer: What do the numbers mean?

Posted by lisarlee @lisarlee, Feb 1, 2020

What is your opinion on these numbers? Was diagnosed in September 2019 and my ca 19-9 was 7500. New number yesterday was 909 after 9 chemo sessions. Is this good news or a wasted test?


Beachdog our stories continue to align. My husband 's ca 19-9 has also been rising fast the past few months and we fear a drop metastasis to his colon. Scans and a biopsy so far are inconclusive but the lab marker usually doesn't lie, so we will likely be starting a new chemo regimen this week or some type of immunotherapy. He already had neuropathy from the folfirinox regimen so wants to avoid any drugs that might worsen this. PC is known for spread even after clean surgical margins, so I guess we just roll with the punches 😔. We are being told at Mayo that additional operations to remove further cancer after PC are not advised since there is likely cancer in other places as well – if it spread to one place it has or will spread to others, hence the chemo route to try and kill it off instead. Prayers to all.

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Best of luck on this new leg of your wife's journey!

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