C5-C6 issue affecting my shoulder?

Posted by amywood20 @amywood20, Sep 18, 2019

Hello! According to my MRI, I have a bulge with a small annular fissure (noting it can be symptomatic) at the C5-C6, DDD and a small bone spur causing foraminal narrowing on the right side and foraminal stenosis of the right. I also have some slight reversal of the normal curve that I think has to do with the osteophytic change at the C5-C6 level. I have battled this issue for over 7 years and during that time it has come and gone. It is back and causing some left hand tingles and a bit of numbness, although if you scratch the hand I still have feeling in it and can use it. I also have a painful spot near the shoulder blade and can even get discomfort at the front of the shoulder near the armpit. Most of this is on the left arm/upper back, yet the narrowing is on the right foramen. I don't know if the bulge is centrally located or to one side. I do get a few tingles on the right hand but it's less frequent than the left. For a while now I was chasing the issue of if my left shoulder issue was from the shoulder or the neck. I had a MRI with contrast done on that shoulder and the only thing it showed was a low grade partial tear of the infraspinatus, most likely from weight lifting and just wear and tear being that I am 43. Shoulder doc said that many have these small tears and they do not cause pain. Because of the hand issue and how I did fine with the in-office shoulder manipulation, he feels my issue is from the cervical spine. He didn't even want to try a cortisone injection into the shoulder to see if it would help, noting he really things the shoulder is not the issue. I have had one cortisone injection into the neck without any relief. I am getting a second one next week. I see a neurosurgeon in November. Here is where I get pretty confused. I know the C5-C6 innervates the infraspinatus (ironic that is where my partial tear is) and from what the pain doc noted when getting the first injection, the pain around the shoulder blade is common. Does disc issues like this actually cause the shoulder to not function quite like it should or does it just cause it to hurt? Example: went to physical therapy this morning and had traction done on the cervical spine for the second time. Came home and as I was reaching down to pick up a cat bowl of water from the floor with the left arm I heard a clunk, which sounded like it was coming from the back of the shoulder. Then I felt discomfort in that one spot near the shoulder blade and some hand tingles. Can these disc issues cause the shoulder blade not to work quite like it should? Is the C5-C6 issue what cause this to happen? Because I know there is a low grade partial tear in that shoulder anytime it makes a weird noise or I get an odd discomfort my mind wants to blame it on that even though the shoulder doc says it's not the issue. Kinda of wish I didn't know about it, as it has really been exhausting mentally. I can't stop questioning things. Anyway, was just curious as to how these disc issues/nerve issues actually affect the movement of extremities. I hear people say that the C5-C6 can cause shoulder pain but I've not really heard much about how it can affect the movement of it. Side note, I also have an issue at my L4-L5 and L5-SI. I will be coming to the Rochester Mayo on Oct 1st for the first time to be seen for my PKD/PLD. I wanted to have a specialist there go over my cervical spine and lower lumbar MRIs but from what I was told, you can only see two docs per visit. I have already been scheduled with two doctors for the PKD/PLD so that's my limit. Where I live PKD and PLD isn't as common so traveling out of state for that reason is much more important than having my spine images looked at. Would have been neat though since I will be there anyway. 🙂


Have the docs ruled out Cubital tunnel Syndrome..the nerve that some call the "crazy bone" in the elbow…I had that and it caused pain in the cervical spine..

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@ken82 it was never mentioned. I am guessing it's because of what he saw in the MRI and because I sometimes get tingles in both hands/fingers (mostly in the left though). Without researching it, I am not sure if I would have symptoms in both hands if it were cubital tunnel syndrome.

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