C Reactive Protein levels while tapering

Posted by gingerraspiller @gingerraspiller, Dec 16, 2022

When I was first diagnosed with PMR in August 2022, my C reactive protein (CRP) level was elevated: 25 mg/L should be < 7.0 mg/L
I started on 40 mg of prednisone. My monthly CRP tests are much lower: 0.9 mg/L 1.5 mg/L and today's was 1.5 mg/L
After each test, my doctor has reduced my prednisone: 40 mg to 20 mg to 15 mg to 12.5 mg to 10 mg.
I am curious to know what other people are seeing for CRP numbers while tapering.

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@gingerraspiller, I've had 2 occurrences of PMR and never had monthly follow up CRP and ESR labs after the initial diagnosis. My primary care doc did order the labs when they suspected my PMR came out of remission six years after it went away the first time. There is a similar discussion where members are discussing having monthly labs here:

— New to PMR – Are Monthly Labs and Check-ups normal?


Hi @gingerraspiller,
My rheumatologist also checks my CRP and ESR at each appointment. Both were extremely elevated when I was diagnosed (ESR was 74 and CRP was 31). My numbers have slowly decreased during my treatment, although my last appointment both numbers had gone up slightly. I think getting that info helps him to determine my true discomfort and tells the tale on my inflammation. I have been amazed to discover that my numbers really do accurately tell the story about ‘how I am doing’. I am at 16 mg now with many steps to go before I am off prednisone so I am praying that I will be able to taper without ongoing issues. Fingers crossed and thanks for sharing info on your impressive decrease!


Two years on prednisone for PMR my CRP has gone up to 25.99. My sed rate has stayed between 68-85. I have been on 10-15 mg prednisone for two years.


I tapered down to 5 mg. and my C-RP has gone up to 17.8. Am now increasing prednisone until it goes down again. It is a painful flare-up and I am exhausted.


I hardly know how to explain these increases. Myself, mine have gone to normal but I am on 4 anti-inflamatories and methinks they should better go down or something is very wrong. I take sulfasalazine-2 gm a day. (crohn's) MSM 3 gms a day, methylpednisalone, currently 4mg, alternating with 8mg (my rheumy and I had an argument about that) and Low Dose Naltrexone 2 mg at bedtime. I did flare earlier this year, I had had some sort of bug (white count up) and I wasn't on the MSM yet. So I am coming down off of that one. I am undergoing radiation treaments for breast cancer and I try to get extra rest. Already had the lumpectomy, which wasn't bad at all. Count myself as very lucky and the MSM has me imagining that I am "bullet proof" as far as a flare goes. I will let you know if I am right.

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