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burning sensation on knee

Posted by @lobste, Oct 12, 2016

I have been having this burning sensation on my knees. I feel it regularly and at times it goes. I am wondering what this could be. anyone with similar experience in the past?



@samills Im a retired nurse and help with what I know or know myself I have back fracture back Rheumatologist told me this is causing problems pinched nerve ,sciatica and femoral arteries pinched nerves will cause the burning pain.This can be in body anywhere .Till you see your Dr I will tell you what has helped me. Tumeric 500 mg daily Tumeric is anti inflammatory al so I drink Ginger -Tumeric tea ginger is good for stomach Its at Trader Joe's only Hope this helps

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Thank you I will try


Thank you I will try

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@SMAILLS gave suggestion to someone else about same issue they replied how it helped them good luck

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