Burning Pain Right Side Head, Neck, Shoulders...possible neuralgia?

Posted by husbandandwife @husbandandwife, Jan 14, 2018

I believe these burning headaches may be a neuralgia. I have a constant pain on right side head, neck and shoulders and at times the burning pain gets intense. I'm thinking of going to a pain management dr and having a nerve block thing done in the back of my head. Anyone experience anything like this or gotten the procedure done or any other treatments?

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I know how you feel. Let me tell you what I experienced. Mine started in 2011, burning pain both sides of neck radiating to shoulders and all my muscles felt inflamed. Doctors could not figure out. Saw so many doctors and so many test. Even sent to UCLA no answers. So this pain continued. Then I started getting other crazy symptoms, sweating, nausea, vomiting and eventually passing out! Still no answers. GI symptoms started getting worse. First they thought I had a heart condition so off to Cardiologist (all this time I'm under the care of a neurologist). Had all test and then tested for POTS. Negative. Then off to GI and Endocrinologist. Again all test negative. Until I had a hida scan for my gallbladder. During that test I receive CCK which is a hormone. When I got off the table all my pain was gone and so were my GI symptoms. So I started researching CCK and came up with information also on the Vagus Nerve. CCK has been used in a trial for chronic pain and now in a trial for GI. My GI doctor believes i have damage to the Vagus Nerve. I had been in numerous car accidents all rear ended and hitting my head each time. So this all makes sense that the Vagus Nerve is causing the multiple problems. I am now waiting to see a neurosurgeon. I know there isn't much you can do for this, but I go for massage, foot reflexology and use a TENS unit that clips on the left ear. This helps stimulate the vagus nerve and so does small meals all day. You have to get that CCK hormone moving. So far, doing all this has reduced the pain and the GI symptoms. I only have been getting a nausea, but passes fast. My GI doctor was so impressed I did this research that he asked me for my notes!!!! The Endocrinologist explained the vagus nerve is just being looked at for these problems. It is the longest nerve in the body coming from the skull going through organs into intestines. So if there is damage somewhere it will cause problems. It could come from whip lash, head injuries ,surgeries and virus.
I tried everything for the neck and shoulder pain, physical therapy to pain management and nothing relieved the pain. Hope this information helps you because I do understand what you are dealing with. Good luck to you.


Hi Jennifer
Saw your post here also after years later. It seems your symptoms are very similar to my symptoms although now mine has migrated to giving me pressure on the neck and bottom of skull and head affecting my ear and eye.
I notice when certain parts of neck and shoulder muscles are stimulated, brings on some relief for a short time. It’s like a congestion on the upper chest and shoulder area that is affecting the head and like you said lower spine and pelvis. And yes the neck muscle pulls.

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@snowmass I do a lot of stretching and using my hands to do myofascial release on tight muscles. I have to try to keep my neck supported properly when sleeping, otherwise, I start a problem with tightness and I can get locked up. I also periodically need to stretch my surgical scar tissue because it gets tight. If I can keep muscles loosened up, they move better.


@husbandandwife I recommend you see a neurologists first to get a diagnosis. A pain doc will not see you and prescribe meds until you’ve been diagnosed. Pain docs do not typically perform workup’s on people they see for pain meds, they prescribe drugs, treatments, procedures but only after being diagnosed by another professional first.

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