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Posted by @kate38ca in Brain & Nervous System, Jan 19, 2012

I am always bumping into or dropping things. Would like to discuss this with those who have the same problem.

Posted by Anonymous-28a13da5, Jan 19, 2012

Dear Kate,
Are you bumping into things due to your equillibrium .? Dropping things may be due to neuropathy in you fingers or hands. Do they feel numb to you?


Posted by @kate38ca, Jan 19, 2012

Hi - Thanks for answering

I think the bumping does have to do with my equillibrium. I'm not as steady on my feet after 3 hip replacement surgeries and I'm on heart meds. . But the dropping things is something else I suspect. My fingers don't feel numb but I have a lot of arthritsi in my right hand


Posted by @marylynette, Jan 19, 2012

I have terrible balance problems which cause me to bump into things all the time. I am told that for me it is partly due to my depression which keeps me from being totally aware of my body. It is also aggravated by medication which I am taking, I have learned that walking with a cane gives me some help and fewer bruises. I also drop things, again, we have discovered the cause is two fold; partly from a medication and partly from my tendency to dissociate when I get anxious or stressed.


Posted by @kate38ca, Jan 19, 2012

Thanks for this. You too have confirmed what I've thought about balance and dropping problems and medications. I also wonder if being distracted by other thoughts and having difficulty concentrating is a reason for dropping things. I have sleep apnea and for the last several months my sleeping patterns have gone to pot so some of it may be due to that. I'm being retested in a few weeks.


Posted by @alexsimon, Feb 3, 2012

Dear all - if your problem continues to bother you to the extent that you would like to see a Mayo Clinic physician in MN, AZ or FL, please click on the "request an appointment" link on the upper right hand corner of the page.

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