Anyone taking Budesonide for PMR?

Posted by janettec @janettec, Feb 28 1:27pm

A friend has suggested that I investigate Budesonide CIR for relief of PMR. The drug, a steroid, reportedly has less side effects to Pred. was the web site provided to me.
Anyone taking this for PMR? Thank you

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I took budesonide as entacort for treatment of my small intestine for Crohn's. It was touted as having a local effect and not aborsbed as much as taken it systemically. It is hard to imagine how it would be formulated for PMR . However, I think (for Crohn's) how much is absorbed is relative to how much inflamation there is in the site. I would be glad to hear from someone who used it for PMR.


Very interesting! I particularly liked the conclusion: "The symptomatic benefits of budesonide 9 mg and prednisolone 7.5 mg are achieved within a short time of initiating treatment, are maintained for three months, and are not associated with any rebound in symptoms after stopping treatment." Unfortunately, it appears to have been only a 12 week trial so not enough long-term information as yet. Thank you for posting this.


From what I could see, the study was done using patients with active rheumatoid arthritis, not PMR. However, since the drug acts on inflammation it might be effective for PMR as well as RA.

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