brother has had open heart surgery, possible reaction to sternal wires

Posted by ladyred0 @ladyred0, Nov 1 7:51pm

59 year old male has had open heart surgery . Sternal wires in place. Been tested for tick and other possible diseases carried by mosquitoes and ticks. Results came back negative for all tests. Symptoms are extreme pain to the point of vomiting. Swelling in knees, legs and some in the face. his doctor has said possible arthritis. We need help!

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How frightening. May I ask where you are located?

Obviously we aren’t qualified to give advice but I can share personal similar experience that may or may not be relevant.

My healthy athletic 25 yo son had knee surgery to repair a ligament injured in a basketball game. Initially he seemed fine, but very quickly had profound and widespread joint pain and swelling – he turned into an old man right before our eyes. We had infectious disease, endocrinologists, you name it. Ultimately it was diagnosed as a specific reactionary type arthritis – like RA but not, and triggered by the surgery itself. As I recall, he received treatment similar to RA – prednisone, or some variety of steroids, etc. It took a bit of time but ultimately he was fine with no additional or recurring symptoms.

It may be worth mentioning to your doc.. and if they ask, we took our son to medical college of South Carolina in Charleston and they happened to have a special unit for patients with unexpected surgical outcomes.

As a coda to the saga, about six years later I had a very acute onset of RA. Sadly mine didn’t go away like my son’s.

Maybe my experience is helpful but regardless, know this Community is here to support you. Good luck!

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