Bronchitis: Persistent cough & fever, how long will it last?

Posted by steviet @steviet, Mar 30, 2020

My wife started coughing 3/9/20, she had 101 fever for 2 days then 99ish. She saw Dr on 3/13/20, diagnosed with acute bronchitis, prescribed steroids & antibiotics. She still has a cough & still fever 99ish. Is it normal this far out to still have these symptoms? She is otherwise doing fine up & at it as she normally would be, no other symptoms.
Thanks Steve Todd

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@steviet Bronchitis can hang on for a long time, but can also be a symptom of other lung issues. I have had it last for months sometimes, but it turns out I had a hard to detect infection. After 3 weeks, if the antibiotics and steroids are finished, if nothing has improved, it's time to call the doctor and discuss whether she needs to be seen again, and possibly checked for underlying conditions. It is important to talk to someone with overall knowledge of her health or access to her records, so that can be taken into account.
Good luck, Sue


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In addition to @sueinmn's experience, I'd like to also bring in @fiesty76 @terryabk @jmb73 @merpreb @rits and @sounder27 into this discussion about bronchitis and how long symptoms can last. Everyone is different, so it will help to get the different stories.

Steve, it sounds like you're being vigilant and checking to make sure she doesn't have COVID-19. It's good that you're keeping an eye on that and really hard not to leap to conclusions I'm sure. It's good that she is feeling fine. Remember, the best thing both of you can do is to wash your hands often, disinfect surfaces and keep your distance from others. It's also best that you stay home. Is that possible for both of you?


Hi, Steve, As Sue mentioned, bronchitis can last a long time,usually 2-4 mos for me as well. However, my lungs are compromised from many years of recurring respiratory infections so I've been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. Both antibiotics and steroids are prescribed and sometimes require refills. I become listless from loss of energy and appetite so it's good news that your wife is up and about as usual. It is wonderful that you are being proactive with your questions and concerns for your wife. Perhaps check to see how long the scripts are for and if symptoms change or haven't improved toward the finish of meds, a call to doc might prove helpful.


@steviet – Good morning and I'm glad that you found us on Mayo Connect. I have chronic bronchitis which is with me constantly as part of COPD. Bronchitis is inflammation of your bronchial tubes. I have been treated with antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments, inhalers and hospitalizations. Bronchitis can last for months even. Is your wife taking any cough medicines? She needs to drink plenty of liquids. I know that her temp is not considered a true fever but has her doctor considered COVID-19 testing?


Good morning @steviet. How are you feeling today?


@steviet– Good morning. How is your wife doing? Is there any change with her cough?

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