Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis

Posted by navylady @navylady, Jul 26, 2018

New to your group. Non-smoker. Pneumonia x6 in 12 years, double pneumonia twice. Was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and COPD for past 15 years, now pulmonologist based on x-rays and MRI has diagnosed no COPD, yes bronchiectasis. Take advair 250/50 twice a day. Past ten days I am increasingly gurgling, wheezing, some chest pain. I have recently moved to Florida which I like but am having long wait times to get into see a family care NP who can hopefully refer me to a pulmonologist. I walk 20-30 minutes a day. Any ideas how to manage this now. Am worried about getting pneumonia again. I went to one walk-in clinic at a reputable hospital. They literally did nothing except take x-rays. Didn't even talk to me. Just billed $2000+ for x-rays. Do I try another walk-in clinic. I feel very alone right now with this chronic medical problem.

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Hi Sally,
Yes, it can take 3 to 6 months to see a bronchiectasis specialist. Unfortunately, there are so few of them and they are often in demand. Fantastic that you’re able to see a fellow there. I’m sure she has a similar approach to Dr. Johnson. All the best to you!
Linda Esposito


auntnanny, I didn't have time to stay the extra 3 weeks to go though the program at Mayo for Fibromyalgia. I tried Lyrica but didn't work for me, I now take Cymbalta which I don't think helps either.
The drug I now take for my fibro is Naltrexone 4.5 mg. In much bigger doses it's used to help take people down that are addicted to hard drugs. It helps more than anything I've tried and that's a lot. The most help I get is just know what is going to make me hurt and not overdoing. I'm wondering if this is part of my fatigue too.

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Fibromyalgia and Costochondritis
I have had these for years… that I cough to costochondritis is always flaring… hurts badly and starts my fibromyalgia going……causing extreme fatigue and body pain.
Does anyone here with MAC experience this chain of events too? I have had fibro for 30 years and it’s never been this bad……….I want to exercise, And be active to help myself and this is getting in the way. I am going to tell NJH about this when I go there..any thoughts anyone on this?

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