Breathing through nose

Posted by gtl @gtl, Jan 2, 2022

When breathing in air right side of nose smells are different, place cotton ball in right side it helps filter air

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Most interesting sounds hopeful but since I have seen 7 well established and highly recommend ENT’s and no one seems to offer ANY information or suggestions other than nose sprays and washes which I do. My difference from this study is there is no pain but the flow of air through the nose changes everything changing smells, making me feel fuzzy in the head and creating that sick feeling. After reading many many articles I think this might be related to nerve issues.
Do ENT Not treat patients with nose nerve disorder s 🤪🤪

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What @bride offers in the responses to you are accurate. Especially when it comes to ownership and awareness.

You are not going to get too far if you expect surgeons to try and match your feelings.

And no, ENTs do not treat nerve disorders.

My last and final recommendations would be to not google, over research and self diagnose. You are further perpetuating the anxiety cycle you are in.

You can’t place all your reliance on medical professionals.
Ownership, self awareness and self regulation is the best medicine before all else.

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