Breast surgeon questions

Posted by whyme2023 @whyme2023, Mar 16, 2023

I just got my diagnosis yesterday (DCIS, R breast); awaiting a call to schedule the breast surgeon consultation; during the diagnosis call I got a lot of overwhelming info but I think I’m clear on next steps. Since I’m young, 53 and in good health, praying this will be a somewhat routine process - surgery and radiation 🤞(no maternal family history); I know we are all different but being optimistic is the best approach in my opinion. My question is, are there specific questions I should ask the surgeon during the consultation?

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Me again. After days of “limbo”, I finally went for radiation treatment “set-up” appointment last Wednesday and had 3 tiny black dot tattoos added:one under breast and one on each side at bra line. Scans were taken to record my position - on my back with arms bent and over my head in back. The following week- Friday did “Simulation” and had an extra clear circular sticker with”x” on it added to my breast. Tomorrow, Monday, I start 16 treatments 5x/week, off on weekends to be finished but May 9.
Then what? How soon will I have an MRI after surgery, healing and radiation? Any guidelines? Thanks!

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I’m not sure why you would have an mri post surgery?


Surgery is now scheduled - mid-morning of June 5th. Lumpectomy is the route we are going for DCIS in SITU (R breast). I’m having a pre-surgery chat with the surgeon a month before the surgery to have her map out what I should expect. If you have suggested questions I should ask, feel free to share.
Thanks again for all the support.


Breast cancer surgeon questions -
Oncologist questions -
Reminder our surgeons give you the options and provide the risks.

It was my choice to go all
Out and take the full surgery and double mastectomy.
After tumors were reviewed radiation and more chemo.
At this point I am Cancer clear!
Diagnosed HER2 positive stage 3 grade 3, 9/28/2021.
New scans 4-24!!
Good luck on your journey, prayers with all!

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It is 2023…how are you doing?


It is 2023…how are you doing?

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I finished reconstructive surgery, cancer free and emotionally and physically amazing.
I do not look back at everything I went through - I look forward with gratitude for the amazing team of doctors and my support - too much to live for!
Yes, one thing is my sentinel dissection made my upper right arm a bit numb, but I can golf and kayak two of my favorite things I am getting back into slowly!
I am thinking of everyone on connect to keep the courage - we will be OK at the end.

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