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Breast cancer

Posted by @marialeo, Mar 15, 2012

Hi I am new to this site. I have had stage 1 negative node bilateral breast lumpectomies done and have now been offered chemo due to one of the lesions falling into the intermediate range for reoccurrence. I have been told that the benefit would only be a 2% reduction in possible reoccurrance and was wondering why this was offered for this small benefit. Do they have to offer any increased benefit even though the chemo can cause severe side effects? Has this been offer to others in a similar situation? I am very confused and would appreciate any simislar experiences.



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Posted by @xena1515, Mar 16, 2012

Have you had the OncoDx type test done? I had my right breast removed in June which was a Stage 1, negative node and they got all the cancer. The oncologist’s assistant kept pushing chemo but the oncologist himself wanted me to send for the OncoDx Type test and said we would base my treatment plan on that. He said that if the test came back low risk the chemo would be of little or no benefit. Even if it came back at intermediate levels he said it is questionable as to whether the chemo is of much benefit. The results came back low risk. His PA still tried to get me to do the chemo but I declined for obvious reasons. For the 2% benefit for you, it doesn’t seem worth putting yourself through the chemo. (Just my opinion though). I see you had lumpectomies? Have you had to go through radiation? If I had been able to do the lumpectomies, I would have had to have that but since I had to have the entire breast removed no radiation was needed. I had 2 different areas in my breast and was told the lumpectomies would made my breast malformed and best to remove it all. I got 3 different opinions before my initial surgery. It was amazing how each opinion was a bit different. I am currently awaiting surgery dates to deal more with my reconstruction.

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