Brand new to CKD Stage 3 Muscle spasms around heart and neck

Posted by michaeldj101 @michaeldj101, Mar 18, 2019

Hi everyone thank you for all your posts they are bringing me comfort. I feel really confused. I'm HIV+ and have been asymptomatic for a really long time viral load undetectable. I started noticing muscle spasms in my chest on left side a couple months ago and didn't think much of it. It seemed to increase making me somewhat anxious. Something told me to get a BP monitor. Now, I've always been told from regular labs that my kidney function was somewhat elevated but it was never said to me that I should do anything about it or pay attention to it. So my elevated kidney function has been in the background with not much focus. I felt scared to check I've always had normal to low BP. I took it and was shocked to see it was 150/100 which, for me was crazy high. I started having headaches, stiff neck, and these muscle spasms. I waited took my BP again and it was higher. I went to the ER they admitted me and did NMR stress test telling me my heart is fine no chance of heart attack. They did casually mention CKD 3 which rung a bell. I asked the physician on the way out if I needed to be concerned check my diet etc. He said no not really. But something didn't sit right. I got out of the hospital and immediately started a whole new diet. I've been eating over the last week a strict diet of (limited as I know they're high-er in sodium) bagels, low sodium tuna, bell pepper, tomato, almond milk, cream of wheat, blueberries, strawberries, Cucumber, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, egg whites massively reduced, sodium protein potassium and phosphorus. No more pigging out. My BP and symptoms subsided which pleased me. I wanted to wait before I made an appt with reg doctor to get referral to kidney doc to adjust eating. I also realize now I was taking 500 naproxyn once or twice a day for a couple months for sciatica. I had no idea about naproxyn and CKD. I do now. Now, I have this muscle spasm around my heart and in my neck it's as if my heart beat is in my neck. I cut the naproxyn and am off all vitamins except a multi which does not have potassium. I was doing well and suddenly tonight I ate a salad with cabbage sat down on couch. The Muscle spasms started really badly I started to feel "off" and checked my BP it was at 133/91 which again for me, is high. I now have blurred vision, I feel hot itchy my head sort of hurts I just feel so on edge and out of sorts. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow. I feel comfort knowing my heart is fine. But I'm totally flying blind with all the kidney stuff. I just wish people had told me more firmly to put focus on it years ago when they told me my counts were elevated including creatinine. So now I am back to monitoring BP and trying to go for the ride and eat super healthy. I feel scared and overwhelmed. Any feedback on any of this especially the weird muscle spasms in the chest and and neck I'd really appreciate. Thanks so much.

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Hi @michaeldj101
How are you doing? Did you get some explanation about the muscle spasms after consulting your doctor? What did they find?

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