Brain tumor removed now expectations with recovery, radiation, work

Posted by cjr25 @cjr25, May 1 7:21am

My tumor was removed 4/17 and it sounds successful. I realize full resection is not likely but initial feedback was encouraging. As I'm recovering, I'm interested in what I can expect in first 4 & 6 weeks of recovery. What to not be frustrated with, what to expect, what to push, what not to, etc. Radiation will start in late May so wondering what to expect the impact radiation will be on my mood, energy, daily motivation, eating, etc. Maybe too optimistic, but working 100% remote and have flexibility, wondering if work is realistic (fulltime, parttime). I Google things but also try to avoid the "rabbit holes" of information. Just so many questions, thanks in advance.

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I have a glioma of the brainstem. I had a biopsy in Aug 2022, resection isn't possible. I had 6-weeks of radiation, ending mid-Nov. I am still recovering. Do be patient with yourself. I still have fatigue, and nausea… Food didn't taste good and really still does not. I went back to work in January. I'm remote too. Luckily, they 're-onbarded' me. I couldn't have taken on clients and am just starting to take some on now. I also had a lot of follow-up appointments to try to squeeze in – acupuncture, PT, and mental health support…

Like the doctors say, it's all about the real estate with brain tumors so our experiences can vary greatly. Where is your tumor?

I may be starting chemo in the upcoming months. We will see. I'm dreading the thought.

I have to run. I am visiting my aunt in Portland and she is waiting. 🙂 I am happy to connect.


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