Brain lesion

Posted by kimberlyjessee @kimberlyjessee, Aug 22, 2018

I have had a large brain lessonn on my frontal lobe. Found from a MRI that I requested because my sister has M.S. and I was experiencing similar symptoms. Nothing showed on my spinal tap…no fighter bands. My neurologist says I do not have M.S. But no one can diagnose my brain lessions. I have flare ups with extreme fatigue. I got diagnosed with tumid lupus on my skin. But not SLE because my blood work is all normal. I have classic severe symptoms for SLE. HELP!! This gone on now for eight years. No diagnosis. It is getting worse

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Hello, @kimberlyjessee. I'd like to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. Sounds like you were very proactive and wise with requesting the MRI when you were having symptoms similar to your sister who has multiple sclerosis.

I'd like to pass along some Mayo Clinic information on brain lesions, As you'll note in the Causes sections and are likely aware of, there are a number of potential causes of brain lesions.

I'd like you to meet some members who have mentioned brain lesions, like @sauvee @12271997 @stellgma @12271997 @kathy2016. Hoping they may have some input on the lack of diagnosis and your flareups with fatigue. @stellgma @hopeful33250 and @dawn_giacabazi may also have some thoughts for you.

In the meantime, @kimberlyjessee, how are you managing the extreme fatigue episodes?

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