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Brain Damage and Neropathy

Posted by @broken in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 11, 2011

I have 13 dead spots in my brain and because of that I have nerve damage everywhere. Dr. is tired of dealing with me. Im tired of hurting. Anyone out there know what its like to be me. If you do please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by @sherry11, Sep 15, 2011

I'm in the same place, I have numerous brain lesions but show no sign of MS, i am baffling he doctor and all he does is come back in 3 months and keep a diary of my everyday living so he can study from that on the next visit

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Posted by @broken, Sep 16, 2011

they dont even tell me that they tell me its transferance disorder. They said mine cant be m.s. either because my mri would show more and more dead spots each time. Im getting really frustrated because I also have a child with autism well aspergers possibly still in testing phase but he nos where to hit mommy so she cant move.

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Posted by Anonymous-95274fcf, Nov 12, 2011

it's good that the mri showed no more dead spots.. the drs probably really don't know and are also aware of all the tests they could put you through that can be painful and uncomfortable. i don't know anything about endocrine screening but i do know that enzymes are a big factor in causing dead spots on the brain but i don't know how much that can be corrected. i.e., don't know if enough research done

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