bradycardia - as relates to THC

Posted by trumpylatino @trumpylatino, Apr 28 3:23am

I recently had a pacemaker procedure. I used to vape THC and smoke cannabis -= what is the safest way to ingest THC without drastically raising my blood pressure? -- should I switch to edibles? gummies? - or abandon it altogether? - I dont drink or smoke, but enjoy THC

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Of course everyone has a different reaction, but I would be more concerned about it lowering my BP too much.
There’s also the correlation between the heart and lungs. I don’t ever remember hearing of anyone getting lung cancer from it, but your heart might not approve of something like it.
I’ve discussed it with my cardiologists and EP’s and they’ve been positive about it, just not for recreational purposes.
I believe it has a place in the field if used correctly. It carries a worn out stigma that needs to be replaced with something that isn’t derived by fear.
Be honest with your physician and see how they feel about it.
Hopefully they can give you some good advice and help you make the right decision.

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