Bone pain, muscle stiffness and exhaustion

Posted by Sschmitt @sschmitt77, Jul 16, 2016

I have pain in the bones in my fingers, legs, most of my joints hurt, I cannot keep temperature. Even after a few minutes of rest from just simple activities I cannot get up right or walk without severe stiffness everywhere. I had all the normal oa and RA blood work and everything showed fine. My doc recommended pt. ha! Any ideas or anyone else suffering with these symptoms?

Hello @sschmitt77 Welcome to Connect!!! Pain & stiffness, uhhh. They have definitely been my best friend since September. No fun! 🙁

I have seen Physical Therapy 3 days a week ever since. I have to admit, I would be bed bound if I didn’t see Tony ever week. He has been one of my savior along with the might Lord above. 😉
Here’s great site for a symtom checker. Might help you narrow down & show you some possibilities for you and your physician.

How’s all you blood levels? Like your potassium,magnesium, CPK levels?


If not arthritis, maybe * Fibromyalgia.*

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