blood test a eGFR of 64ml/min/173.m2

Posted by lisamae @lisamae, May 16 9:30pm

blood test eGFR was 64ml/min/175.m2 is this something to be concerned about? Age 77

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Doesn’t sound worrisome. I’m a 76 year old with the same number. If your creatinine is stable and there is no
protein in your urine should be normal for this age.
Blood pressure control and hydration are important for us.


Thank You for the reply to my concern.Have a blessed day


Thank You for the reply to my concern.Have a blessed day

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Drink a liter and half bottle per day


Thank you for your reply and your suggestion about drinking.
lots of water. I'm not yet at the volume you set, but I am
struggling with it. I discovered quite by accident an important
fact while looking for help in easing my problem with prosiasis.
Doctors seem to have difficulty with this condition, and I was
frustrated in trying to find a treatment. Previously, I was using
Corrizone cream, which helped stop the itching. I accidentally
ordered a bottle of ALOE VERA gel which, in desperation, I
applied to the peosiasis breakouts and "good surprise" it worked!
(some aloe products are ingested, so you have to get the one for skin.)

Thanks again for your interest, and maybe a psoriasis sufferer will
read this, JOHN CLICK

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