Blood disorders

Posted by smiley81 @smiley81, Aug 28, 2022

So I have been exposed to mold for almost 4 yrs and also carbon monoxide I’ve been told I’m anemic and need to see hematologist and different specialist i was also told you can be exposed to different types of cancers also anybody have any intake on this

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@smiley81 That's a lot to take in in one post. Welcome to Mayo Connect, we will try to give you some answers, but we are not in any way a substitute for seeing a medical professional for treatment.

Carbon monoxide exposure – was this long term, or a one-time event? Is it what led to your blood being drawn? Did you receive any oxygen therapy?

Long-term mold exposure definitely can be a health risk – are you out of that environment now? If you have lung problems, allergies or other health issues, you will need further investigation – what kind of doc did they ask you to see?

Anemia is a generally treatable condition, depending on the cause and severity, you may be prescribed an iron supplement or an infusion – either iron or red blood cells. The doctor will also try to figure out if there is an identifiable cause, and correct the underlying condition. Exposure to carbon monoxide can also produce a form of anemia.

As for being "exposed to different types of cancers" – cancer is not a contagious disease that you catch from the air, but rather an abnormal growth of cells that attacks blood, bone or organ in your body. There may be something in your genetic makeup, or a toxin that you are exposed to, that makes it more likely that your body will develop a cancer. Other times, we have no idea why cancer develops when & where it does. Maybe what you were being told was that something in your environment put you at higher risk for some specific cancers?

Now, on to the most important question – have you made an appointment to see a hematologist? That would be the best way to get an exact diagnosis & a proper treatment plan.



Did you take the Covid vaccine? Many of us became anemic after the vaccine, there is a very active thread on this topic.

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