Blockage of duodenum, how to stop the vomitting?

Posted by gra0714 @gra0714, Feb 19 9:52am

My dad has colon cancer, inoperable…Tumor is impinging on duodenum and therefore food he eats is vomited. Nausea meds don’t help. We took him home from hospital . They again gave meds for nausea, but only relief he gets is when he vomits…
Does anyone have any suggestions of meds that would stop vomiting so stomach can pass food slowly to small passage left to intestine? Very frustrating because while want to make him feel comfortable hard to find solution.

Hello @gra0714 – I know it must be difficult for you as well as your father finding some way to help him. The American Cancer Society has some information that may be helpful. One of the suggestions on the page is that there are different medications the doctor can prescribe for the nausea that may work better for him.

Managing Nausea and Vomiting at Home:

Are you able to contact his doctor to find out if they might also have some suggestions for you?


@gra0714 I’ll say hi again because I had some tips for you and was about to hit the reply button, when my computer turned itself off and I lost everything!
I know this is so hard for your dad and for you trying to help him. Did the nausea pills work in the hospital and did he eat much in the hospital? When you are able to get some better medications, try just water or thin liquids with them. Avoid food for awhile. The clear liquids , like water, jello, tea, can easily go past the obstruction. Foods can irritate and set off the digestive processes. Can you call the doctor and then try thin, clear liquids only?
I hope these suggestions and those from @johnbishop will help you help your dad. We’re here to listen and help you brainstorm


Hi, would like to hear your suggestions


Hi, would like to hear your suggestions

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@gra0714 my suggestions were to skip food for a few days and to just use fluids to keep the medicines down. This is what we did in the hospital. Have you been able to talk with someone in the doctor’s office?

Here is an article that may have good information:


Hello @gra0714

I am sorry to hear of your dad's inoperable colon cancer. This sounds like a very worrisome problem, especially nausea and vomiting. I have had three surgeries for a rare form of cancer (carcinoid) all in the duodenal bulb so I know a little of what this is like. Did your dad have an NG tube while he was in the hospital?

You said that the tumor is impinging on his duodenum. While you have been told that the tumor is inoperable, did the doctor mention if radiation could shrink the tumor to lessen the pressure on the duodenum? You might ask the doctor if there is anything at all that can be done to lessen the pressure on the duodenum.

Until there is a way to lessen the pressure, Becky's (@becsbuddy) suggestion to use liquids rather than solid foods is a good idea. There is an Ensure product that @thull has found to be very helpful. I hope that she will post and let you know the name of that product.

I certainly wish you and your family well during this stressful time. Will you post again and let me know how your dad is doing?

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