Blind in one eye & issues in the other.

Posted by Melissa Kimbrel-James @mkjames, Jun 18, 2019

I’m hoping some of you can give some helpful tips on how to cope with blindness. Although I have always been clumsy, being blind in one eye (& issues in the other eye) has really made things difficult for me. It sure would be nice to think I would adjust, but it hasn’t happened yet. I have injured myself quite a few times lately & would like to prevent hurting myself. Any ideas, tips, tricks, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello @mkjames, welcome to Connect. Thank you for posting this conversation. I'm happy to see that you are all in for learning how to help cope with your vision loss. I found a couple of sites that may share some ideas and suggestions that may be helpful for you.

Learning to Live with One Eye

An Eye Doctor Tells the Story of His Own Journey Through Vision Loss

Are you able to share any activity, time or place where you feel you may be prone to injury? I am extra careful at night if I have to get up because my vision is not great. I also wear socks at night so that if I step on something on the floor I can tell the next day ☺


The local blind society may offer a class in dealing with going blind. I know the one here in my area of Minnesota does.


@mkjames I think @johnhans has a good suggestion about contacting the local blind society. I see that from your profile you are a native of Florida. I found the following site that may provide some contacts for you.

Florida Division of Blind Services

I also found a site with some suggestions for organizing the home that might be helpful.


The local National Federation of the Blind for Florida is at They do have an in state toll free number.


Man, thank you guys so much! I will definitely be checking out all of your suggestions. What a valuable resource Mayo connect is. ❤️


@mkjames I also have gone through what you have gone through, I had no vision on my right eye for 5 years and I still partial vision on my left eye. I also found that gadgets such as readers, magnifying glasses, sunglasses, watches, and other tools very helpful from


@weezy1939 I have NAION in both eyes so have only 10% of my vision. I have accumulated to my lack of vision over the last few months. I have learned nothing is to be left where I can fall over it and all cabinet doors must be closed. I have finally learned to slow down. I can see the best outdoors so am loving the long days. Crowds are the hardest so I have to remind my partner to slow down as he holds my hand and steers me in the right direction.

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