Bladder pressure

Posted by suellipo68 @suellipo68, Oct 1, 2018

Have been experiencing bladder pressure when lying down on and off for since 2015. It causes me to make many trips to bathroom at night thus waking me up several times/ night. Also and noticing a feeling of heat and tingling in my pelvic area. Occasionally the heat will also be present in my arms and hands. Scheduled appt with uro gyn next week. Anyone have anything similar happening? Also my urine tests usually show trace amounts of blood. When I am upright or sitting I feel great. I have no symptoms and run twice a week.

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Please see a urologist right away!! I don’t want to scare you but my husband just went through this.


I sincerely hope that you will learn something sonn that will lead to a diagnosis of the cause and a treatment for these symptoms. The only time I have experienced any bleeding is a slight tinge if I have a uti.
After your appointment, will you let me know what you find out?

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