Bladder not emptying

Posted by Laurie @roch, Jun 16, 2021

Wondering if problems emptying bladder in morning is an old age thing or something that needs investigating?

I am 65 year old female and had a bladder surgery-autologous pubovaginal sling in 2008 for incontinence.

I rarely get up during the night to void, but in morning when I do void, within minutes I have to go again. The first half hour after I wake up I must make multiple trips to bathroom. This has been gradually getting worse. Then everything settles down for rest of day.

I plan on mentioning to provider at next general exam, but wondering if I should set up an appointment to discuss this specific problem.

Laurie M

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I am currently at the Mayo Clinic In Rochester, MN, and they are looking at my bladder problem, too. I have to get up once per night, but that seems to be normal for an older female. Tests they did with me, discovered that I have a restriction in my urethra, and once the natural pressure of the bladder is reduced, it is not high enough anymore, to keep the urine flow going. I have to change my diet in a way that I do not drink any liquids that could irritate the bladder (no caffeine, no carbonated drinks, no alcohol, etc.). If this does not work I will have to have to undergo a dilation procedure that will be done under full anesthesia.


Do you have interstitial cystitis?

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