Bladder infection, or worse?

Posted by megiddo @megiddo, Nov 23, 2018

sex: Male
race: Caucasion
age: early 50's

Back a few years ago I had very painful urination (burning) and it felt like I had to constantly urinate. This started overnight. There was no buildup. Normally I'm not the kind of person to go to the doctor but it was intensely uncomfortable. From my reading I thought it was a bladder infection. The doctor I went to told me it wasn't bladder infection but wrote me a prescription for a bladder infection anyway. Very quickly my problems went away and I thought it was over. Within a week or so it came back. It just so happened to be the week I lost insurance and medical coverage. So, I tried to wait it out.

It's been with me three or four years now and I haven't been able to ditch this. I feel miserable most of the time. Haven't worked in over a year and lately I wonder if I'm headed for the grave. I'm curious if my kidneys are failing. I say that because I can smell the food I've eaten when I go to the bathroom. My skin color hasn't changed so I don't know. But it's getting worse and I'm feeling worse.


Most of the time it feels like I have to urinate. When I do urinate it is a very weak stream. Often after a bowel movement I will urinate imediately after as if it were dammed up.

It's uncomfortable to wear pants with a belt. It feels like there is a tennis ball pushing just above the pubic bone into my belt.

When I defecate it is often flat and ribbon like. When I feel better it's not so flat but when I feel bad some of it can sometimes literally look like a ribbon. This didn't happen before.

hardness in my lower abdomen. Just above the pubic bone is where it feels like the pain is. Applying pressure in this area definitely makes me feel like I have to urinate "worse".

Drinking a baking soda solution seems to solve problem for a day or so but causes soreness and pain in lower back above left and right hipbones. Feels very sore like a hard workout or being bruised. Use 1sp of baking soda added to 32oz of water.


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Your symptoms sound miserable @megiddo. Is there a free clinic near where you live or a clinic which will prorate your bill according to your ability to pay? Because it sounds like you could use a medical evaluation of your symptoms in order to diagnose and treat this problem. Hope you can find somewhere to go for definitive answers. Sending you positive thoughts.



Honestly I don't know if there is a free clinic nearby or not. My upbringing makes me one of those people that "thinks" about going to a doctor when your finger nearly got cut off. Posting this was the first step I've taken. At the least I was wanting to gather information first.


Hi @megiddo, I strongly urge you to seek medical attention. These symptoms should not be ignored.


@megiddo, I completely agree with @colleenyoung, this sounds too serious to be ignored. Many ERs will help regardless of payment ability and if you can go to a clinic at a teaching hospital, many of those prorate their fees. Regardless, whatever is causing your symptoms should be addressed sooner rather than later so underlying causes can be diagnosed and managed.


@megiddo I have been thinking about this all day. Hope you can get medical attention soon.

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