Bizarre Bilateral Tissue Changes in Corners of Eyes

Posted by glinda47 @glinda47, Jun 2 11:57am

Sorry if I have already posted this.
Has anyone has noticed in the corners of their eyes, next to your nose, that the pinkish color has become filled with yellowish-white dots? I believe this occurred at around the same time as the beginning of PMR or whatever I have. This was only found because I happened to be looking at something else on my face in the magnifying side of my makeup mirror. Still couldn't see it well so I used a flashlight and LO AND BEHOLD, I caught sight of the dots in the corners (lacrimal caruncles). My ophthal has looked at it twice, once when I first saw it, then again at regular annual exam. My rheum also looked. Both said "it was nothing." I have a feeling they did not magnify and you can't see it with just bright light.
If anyone is so moved to take a quick look in a magnifying mirror with a flashlight, I'd really appreciate it. I cannot find this ANYWHERE on the internet and I am almost 100% sure it's linked to this condition. Will ask the rheum I see in June to look at it under magnification with his bright light.
Below is a link to a photo of a young man who has this issue. Looks exactly like mine, but I have more of it.

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