Is bipolar disorder autoimmune? Form of central sensitization?

Posted by mblbirch @mblbirch, Jul 14, 2018

Hi, I’m Melissa. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders. I have seen journal articles indicating that bipolar may be autoimmune, and I also understand that depression and anxiety may relate to central sensitization, like fibromyalgia. I’m a little confused on how these all relate to one another and where the bipolar fits in. Is there someone who can clarify – is bipolar autoimmune? Is it a form of central sensitization? Is it both? Neither? So confused. 🙁 Thanks!

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Hello @mblbirch. You mentioned that you went through a two day fibro clinic at Mayo Clinic, so this information could possibly be repeat, but you may find the following link useful, Specifically, the 10 minute video on the bottom of the page that explains central sensitization a bit more. As we are not medical professioinals and cannot offer medical advice, it is difficult to answer such a complex question about bipolar disorder being linked to an autoimmune disorder, however, I did find this article, Here is a link to a discussion taking place specifically on fibromyalgia as well,

@mblbirch, if you don't mind sharing, have you discussed your questions with your medical providers about the connection between the diagnoses?


Thank you Justin! I've brought it up with a couple of doctors but not really gotten much of a response. Still working on it. I'll take a look at the articles. 🙂

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