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Posted by @hussah, May 15, 2013

Hello friends
I am suffering from bipolar disorder
Now I take the medication and I am fine
But I am fat and eat to much depending on my mood
Is there a relationship between obesity and bipolar
Thank u <3

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Posted by @nikki2913, Jun 2, 2013

Yes it does suck but you need to get out and keep busy find things to do to keep away from wanting to eat, also I keep my self from eating after 6 pm it’s just a rule I have done so i dont eat and because of the not moving around at night

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Posted by @daywalker1, Jul 31, 2013

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I am not taking any medications for it. I find that if you find pleasures in other activities e.g. Running, yoga, photography, tennis, reading, movies, etc. then you will not rely on food to give you pleasure. It’s the most basic pleasure and the most easy to fill. Pick up a hobby/activity and move your body. The more I exercise the better mood I am in. Getting fat is usually due to lack of discipline with eating and laziness to exercise. Train your mind to think that your body needs only so much carbohydrates, fats, proteins and control your intake. Stop blaming everything else including your condition for being fat. Eating is a voluntary act that only you yourself can control. Stop looking for a special diet or a special drug to lose weight. It only takes diet, exercise, and discipline. You don’t need a gym. Just a good pair of shoes. Go out there and start walking. You will find that when you control your intake and exercise regularly you will start shedding the pounds. I do not know how overweight you are but it is good to ask your physician advice on losing weight. Think positive and just do it. You will start saving money on food when you get a control on eating and you will feel really great once you drop your dress size. The most important thing for me to getting fit is my support system -> my husband. Make a pact with a close friend or partner. There will be those times when you will need a little push and some encouragement. Do not depend on it though to get yourself moving. Think…I love myself, I love my body, and I want my body to be healthy and to look good. When you build your stamina you will also find more energy to do more stuff.

PS I do not make rules for myself such as not eating after six pm. I work long hours some days and eat dinner at 9-10 pm. My point, don’t make too many rules for yourself in the beginning. You will only stress yourself when you don’t stick to it. Create a routine for exercise and control your eating. That’s all it takes. And stop saying BUT I and don’t make excuses to over-eat or skip exercise. Understanding what obesity can do to your health also helps. Read about it online. You can’t gain anything from being fat except a short life, misery, and a lot of suffering.


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Posted by @jenntrain, Sep 14, 2013

You really shouldn’t judge someone you don’t know. It’s great for you that you’ve found alternatives. Not all of us can be so lucky. There are some valid points in your response and I respect what you’ve accomplished. 🙂 This disorder affects everyone differently. There are 2 types of BPD which cause different symptoms in different people. Take care!


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Posted by @daywalker1, Sep 14, 2013

This is a learning community. I am not by all means judging but giving ideas for her to fight her condition with. Although diseases affect us differently, we should not use that as an excuse not to do anything for ourselves. I am not lucky. I worked hard not to be on medication and I worked hard to stay healthy. U say don’t judge but here u are judging me…when u have no idea what goes on in my head. I do not need any respect from you I only want u to see that it is within our capacity to achieve change for the better if U really want it and work hard for it. I have my moments when I am so depressed for nothing and become the most unproductive human being in the world not being able to get out of bed sometimes but I drag myself out…Anybody else can do it too…just DO IT! After several tries it becomes easier. When I feel suicidal for no reason at all I stand back and look at the big picture…I breathe in and out as I think about the people I love, my job, my fiends, that oh so good dessert at my favorite restaurant, my fun activities, and reprogram my head that I do not really want to die right now because life is good and can be good if u try looking at the other aspects of it aside from your disease…I am not lucky…I fight everyday. When I am too ecstatic I play tennis or I swim it out. Just get to know your body and understand it better…u can respond better and make your life better.

Bipolar people are just known to be assholes…insulting, offending…it is part of the disease…but u can change that too. It’s discipline again. U don’t have to reply with hostility to questions. When you’re in public or with family and friends, be MINDFUL of how u react and what you say. When u start doing it, u can really think in your head sometimes ~> that did not come out right…so then do it over. Practice makes perfect. Listen to yourself when you reply. Then assess your reply. If u still sound offensive, u can rephrase with a better tone. The more you act appropriately, the better people around u will treat you like a normal person so u won’t have negative ill feelings all the time when engaging with another human being. No it’s not easy but it can be done. It is because of the lack of effort that we immediately resort to drugs. Have some humor. Laugh!!!

Let me tell u want drugs do to me. They turn me into a zombie. I am most sedated and hardly ever speak my mind. I have a mind of my own and I want to use it. Being a zombie is not who I am and what I want to be all my life. U are just like me, bipolar or not. We have goals in life, we want to be healthy and happy and we have aspirations and dreams…we can’t accomplish it without working hard for it and because we are bipolar, we simply have to work harder. And stop making excuses not to get better. And I really mean stop putting food in your mouth when u dont need it!!! Love yourself.


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Posted by @piglit, Sep 19, 2013

So true all of the above comments and so agree. I have been challenged throughout my life with anxiety and depression and I can’t take the medications required to help me due to other medical condition, and I don’t want to either. It so isn’t easy at times but we have to take on the challenges and somedays are more diffficult than others, but that’s what’s life about really. I did try earlier on and to refused to contiune my days feeling in a tired state of mind due to the effects of medications. The power of the mind is a strong tool, we should use it to the best of our ability. For me I focus on the positive things around me. I go for walks, I love my work with a passion . It’s so important to have things in our life that we enjoy doing. Life’s to short not to be thankful and enjoy the sometimes simple things in life. As for the weight issue that is in our control and we need to talk control of this ourselves, it very easy sometimes to make excuses, but at the end of the day every things in our control, and we should be strong and keep on, keeping on. I too have followed and have achieved dreams in my life and will continue to do so. Take care

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Posted by @jupanu, Jan 30, 2015

sounds right to me


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Posted by @jenntrain, Sep 14, 2013

Actually, some medications contribute to obesity. It depends on what you’re taking. I was diagnosed Bipolar in 1998. I’ve taken many different meds to find the right combination for me. Talk to your psychiatrist about your concerns.


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Posted by @roxie43, Sep 27, 2013

Hello Dear,
There is a relationship with mood/medications and over eating and/or craving certain types of foods likes lots of carbs. I am glad that you’re ok but keep an eye on your eating habits, talk about concerns with docs and try to work out as often as you can.

Ramey Chisum

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Posted by @rameychisum, Feb 4, 2015

Hi, I am fat too but I know it’s not because of how much I eat, my health, the amount of exercise I get but because when Im fat people dont bother me. All I have to do I retrain my brain to communicate with my body the right way and it will be okay, my body will heal itself. The only problem is even without this unheard of solution my mom has and always will tell me Im crazy for ever thinking I could lose weight, and when I do lose weight she gives me the mom look and tells everyone Im sick and they need to help me pack on the pounds. Im 265 pounds, that’s not healthy.

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