Bipolar 2 without meds help

Posted by vic1234 @vic1234, Nov 16, 2022

I have been out of work for almost two years now and have no insurance. I did try to get back on meds but the first it tried make me feel like I was in another body, the second gave me complete sexual dysfunction that I’m still effected by, Both completely took away my ability to enjoy anything. I’m trying to manage on my own for now and I was hoping I can get some tips. I have really strong depression to the point that my hypo mania is mostly unnoticed. I also have ptsd. At the moment I can not stand for longer then about 10 mins because of pain so exercising is hard( I know that can help). Any help is appreciated.

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You may be able to get help from a community clinic that takes patients with no insurance. Some docs take pro bono. Please try to get help. This is too hard alone. Talk to a social worker. They may know of other resources. Pharma companies may sometimes give meds in cases like yours. Hang in there. Being depressed makes finding a job harder.


Many pharma companies offer some kind of Patient Assistance programs for those who have no insurance but need medication.


I also have bipolar 2, moderate depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

I am on two meds for depression and one mood stabilizer. I had used the pharmaceuticals for each medication before. A Dr. Would have to send in the requests who has prescribed it I used a sliding scale for Dr. Visits.
The mood stabilizer along with a med for depression I think is very helpful


I am a caregiver for someone with Bipolar II. It took many years to find the best medications to ease effects of BP II but it did happen. Continue working with psychopharmacologist and don’t give up hope.

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