Posted by pkalkstein @pkalkstein, Jan 24 9:46am

It will be too late, I'm sure, for us old folks, but there is some exciting research going on in bioelectronics. Apparently the vagus nerve (Cranial Nerve X) controls the inflammation response, and researchers are working on a way to moderate the cytokine storm that brings us the pain of PMR. At the least, it makes interesting reading.

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Very good article. Help me understand even further how Low Dose Naltrexone works. It is two isomers of the same molecule and one of them works with the microglia of the brain to turn off inflamation through the neurons. Certainly normalized my Crohn's- my small intestine was a mess- and stopped my non moving pain in two days. I think the trick will be how much and when to turn off the inflamatory response. Our new drugs out today are a testimony to how important a balance is to our immune response.


You are not too old. I use a pemf mat daily as part of my pmr complimentary treatment. It is believed to engage the vagus nerve and I would guess it is definitely helping.

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