Bile Duct Cancer suspected - ERCP today

Posted by Lissa @sonic997, Apr 4 5:54am

Hi. I don't know if I belong in this group yet, but I have a few symptoms and image results and blood work that seems to be seemed to perplex my doctors until I went to MSK. No pain, No jaundice, light bowel movements, nausea but no vomiting. 20 lb weight loss over months (unusual for me, usually steady weight) 50% loss of appetitie. Constant gastral discomfort but rarely even a little pain. My stools are a little lighter than usual consistently, they float very often, but without greasy film (sorry to be gross)
No diahreah or constipation.

EBV Positive over 2 months IgG and IgM, Liver Enzymes all elevated, but improving but still high GGT High. ALP highest. Ca-19 negative. Billirubins normal. Ferritin high. CMV positive past only. US showed "a little sludge" in January. CT with Contrast showed small gallstones, no sludge in Feb and unremarkable GB. March had HIDA scan, but they couldn't do CCK because Gallbladder couldn't be visualized on HIDA scan, so they wanted to remove my gallbladder. I asked for MRCP before gallbladder removal consideration. Findings:
liver normal. GB contracted. Mild intraphepatic ductal dilation. Common hepatic duct measures 9 mm. THERE IS EVIDENCE OF COMMON BILE DUCT STRICTURE IN THE MIDPORTION EXTENDING FOR 14MM. DISTAL TO THE STRICUTRE THE COMMON BILE DUCT MEASURE 9MM AND THERE IS AGAIN TAPERING AT THE LEVEL OF THE AMPULLA. THE PANCREATIC DUCT IS MILDLY DILATED MEASURING 5 MM. THE PANCREATIC DUCT IN THE REGION OF THE TAIL THE PANCREAS DEMONSTRATED A MILD BEADED APPEARANCE. THE PANCREASE DEMONSTRATED HOMOGENOUS HIGH T1 SIGNAL INTENSITY AND ENHANCES HOMOGENEOUSLY. Another finding that i'm not sure is related is it appears that I have Pancreatic Divisum. Colonscipy 9/22 normal. Upper Endoscopy 12/22 basically normal outside of standard erosions, gastritis, peptic issues, but nothing major. All my tests seem to contradict each other.

Went to Mem Sloan Kettering today and Dr was “very worried” that I have Bike Duct Cancer. ERCP is today. I asked if she was a little less concerned that I don’t have jaundice and my LFT’s are improving and Ca-19 negative. She said it isn’t that unusual and she it is most likely malignant, because I don’t have symptoms of anything benign strictures

Any advice, questions, thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Lissa Canavan

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am being treated for pancreatic cancer at MSKCC. Great place. looking forward to hearing more of your story.


It gets worse. They said the cancer in my stomach and bile duct. Waiting for pathology but looks pretty bad. Thank you for your prayers


Thank you for sharing your story. I am being treated for pancreatic cancer at MSKCC. Great place. looking forward to hearing more of your story.

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I’m glad you are having good experience there. Pls reach out anytime you want to talk or cry or find something to laugh about.

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