Best diet for 18y of depression

Posted by natnat @natnat, Mar 10, 2019

18y of depression with no 1% responce on different drugs. I give up all drugs and doctors and start searching for a solution by my own
I cosider following ketogenic diet due to the huge claims that it alleviates depression
Now i’m 2 months on classic keto without cheating with no 1% responce !
No increase in energy , no mood changes , no change in concentration or brain fog… nothing !
Is it still too early to see any change ?
Or there is a better diet can i follow for depression ?
Where to start from ?

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Welcome to Connect @natnat– Good morning. If I'm understanding you correctly you've been depressed for 18 years. Am I correct? I feel for you because I've had depression for much of my life. I don't understand what you mean when you say that you have 1% no response on different drugs. Where does the percentage come from? Fad diets can be very dangerous because they are just fads. What works is sticking to a well balanced diet. When you favor one food element, ie protein over another ie carbs, than you are throwing the chemicals in your body off. I would think that two months is enough that if you don't see a change by now than it's not right for you.
Can you tell me more of your history? What medicines and doctors have you stopped seeing? Doctors are trained and we are not in the science of our bodies and when you stop following them you are taking a big chance into getting into more trouble. Do you have any adverse reactions?


@natnat read about healing depression through your gut. And Start taking high doses of probiotics


@hellosunshine– Welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm glad that you found us. I agree that food can be a culprit in depression. So can dehydration. Do you have any guidance from your doctor on the amount of probiotics are safe to take? Too much of a good thing isn't good nor is the opposite.
This site might bring you up to date.
How are you feeling? What are your plans for medicines?

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