Benign flat polyp at appendiceal opening.

Posted by carol32605 @carol32605, Oct 12 9:28am

Had a colonoscopy in early March and another the end of September. Have a flat polyp at appendiceal opening. The entire polyp could not be removed. Being advised to have appendix removed laparoscopy and polyp will be removed at the same time.
Have not seen the surgeon yet. Looking for advice.
Doctor has never seen a polyp at this location before.
Thank you for your comments.

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I had a routine colonoscopy last July, and I also had a flat polyp at the cecum adjacent to the appendiceal opening. I feel fortunate that the surgeon doing the colonoscopy found it, as it was small and in an unusual location. It couldn't be removed, but he sent a biopsy, and it was cancer. He and I were both very surprised with the pathology. I sincerely hope that is not your case, but I did have a colon resection two weeks ago, and it went very well, with a wonderful surgeon who specializes in this. It was laparoscopic, and he took the appendix and 10 inches of colon. I'm back at work part time and doing great. It is truly amazing and miraculous what they can do with small incisions. I'm wishing you the very best.


Thank you for your response. So glad things are going well for you.
My polpy was not cancer but my doctor said that could change. He had never seen a polyp at that location before and he has been doing colonoscopy's for a very long time. In fact he is retiring in December. On line information says most polyps at this location are found during an autopsy.
Have an appointment for another opinion then an appointment with the surgeon.
Again thanks for sharing.


Do it!! Take care of yourself!!!

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