Being a “checker” at Mayo during a pandemic

Posted by bernese53 @bernese53, Sep 17, 2020

I will be in Rochester for two weeks beginning this Saturday. I have scheduled several long-overdue appointments but my endocrinologist cannot see me until the middle of October. I live in Tennessee (about 900 miles away) and do not want to fly back to Rochester for one appointment. I was told that I could be a checker while I am at Mayo but how do I remain in a waiting room all day now? Isn’t it true that patients are supposed to be in the waiting area for a limited amount of time? Any advice about being a checker?

@bernese53, I might suggest that you contact the Endocrinology department directly to see how they are specifically modifying the checker system. Some appointments require testing, etc. prior to the appointment time. It's possible that different waiting room models are being used, like waiting by their phone in a hotel room or other safe place rather than in the waiting room. To be safe, they would need to connect directly with the department. It would be a long flight/drive if the checker policy has been paused during the pandemic.

Because things change often during these unprecedented time, I recommended confirming with endocrinology. Will you post what you find out?


@bernese53, How was your visit to Mayo? Did you learn anything more to share with others about being a checker at this time? What was it like in the waiting rooms and areas?

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