Bacterial pneumonia

Posted by twastarstream @twastarstream, Dec 26, 2022

I was diagnosed with BP – short of breath and hurts to take a deep breath. One week of antibiotics. Symptoms have lessened. Now what?

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I seem to get bacterial pneumonia a lot. After completing the course of antibiotics, if I still had shortness of breath and pain with deep breaths, I'd head to the urgent care or ER and get an xray, or at the very least, call your PCP. When this has happened to me, it was because the antibiotics needed to be stronger and taken for longer.

Best wishes that you feel better soon,


In this day and age we often must advocate for ourselves. Please do so. I had aspiration pneumonia and was in the ICU 5 days, then on a regular ward briefly and sent home even tho I told the discharge doctor I still felt something was wrong. I wasnt given strong enough or a long enough course of antibiotics. 2 weeks later I was back in the ICU, the pneumonia grew again and I was septic. I was left with physical, mental and emotional scars from the second "trip" and very lucky to be alive. This time I was given a very long course of antibiotics and because someone finally listened to me, we got to the root cause. Please take care of yourself!

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