Back Surgery, and who pays?

Posted by 1634517678 @1634517678, Aug 17, 2020

I am 65, epilepsy since 22 yrs old, 95% controlled until 2005. Unable to work after a seizure at work, resulting with Medicare and disability money since 2005.

I had a back injury at 22 (not related to epilepsy) rupturing 3 discs (not known to what extent until 50 yrs old), with no med treatment at the time. Degenerative to the extent of non-existent for those 3. Scoliosis further up as a result of 40+ years. For 1.5 years I've been seeing a surgeon who I can plan on having surgery with during the next 1 to 6 months. Surgery will not be avoidable. My need is how to financially manage Medicare-Medicaid-or any other gang.

The cost I'm sure some of you know can clear 200k pretty easy. I had been putting off surgery since 63 believing Medicaid at 65 was going to pay for 99+%. Medicare was at best going to have a 20% copay. After researching even a small amount on Medicaid for my condition (reading stories like mine before walking through the front door of Medicaid or other) it sounds like I should have a better look at how to plan financial damages with too many variables. My fault or not, I don't know where to get good info, or how to avoid a 60k copay or, what happens when you do.

It's not a new diagnosis or a referral to another surgeon that is needed. I'm looking for direction and "warnings" on how to financially manage my possibilities and how to avoid irreversible decisions.


1634517678, I like to travel to all the areas up you mentioned and I happen to live close to Canada which usually makes it a yearly trip. Also, my health issues center on chronic migraines, bronchiectasis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and presently recovering from mid foot fusion surgery.

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Ok, thanks. Sounds like great fun. I have had epilepsy for 43 years, and that covers back when there were only about 3 drugs for it. Oddly enough it's been 90% controlled for 14 years. Which is good.

In the boxes here on this page, there is a "Reply" box that I am typing in now, and a "Post Reply" box. I can see what I think is everyone's reply and mine, and are on this page too. How is "Post Reply' different?

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