Baby aspirin for FMD

Posted by Indigo64 @indigo64, Mar 4 9:12am

I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis almost 2 years ago. The colitis was in remission. Then I had a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) in October. I’ve been taking 81 mg of aspirin a day since then. Last month Mayo diagnosed Fibromuscular Dysplasia…treatment is aspirin. I’m having severe gas pains every night even though I take aspirin at noon. I’ve tried Beeno and GasX type products without relief. Does anyone else have this diagnosis & treatmentuu?

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I don’t have experience with this condition specifically, so hopefully you’ll hear from others who do soon. But I looked into it and see that it can cause narrowing of the arteries, which is something that affects my father.

If that’s the what aspirin is for, to be a blood thinner and prevent clots, there are other medications. My dad was previously taking baby aspirin for that reason, and then his cardiologist switched him to generic Plavix. It’s a stronger blood thinner though.

Can you reach out to your doctor to ask if there are alternatives?


I also take 81 mg aspirin for FMD. I make sure to take it when I eat a meal to prevent stomach issues. Maybe that would work for you too.


Aspirin irritates GI tract, have you tried reducing stomach irritation with protonic or pepcid?

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