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Hello everyone. So I had covid three times last year, possibly four but one time was negative test. I developed severe acid reflux ( I have hashimotos which can also cause reflux and can also be triggered by EBV, and while I’ve had reflux it got much worse after covid)
I suspected I had SIBO and my doctor was willing to give me a two week trial of cipro. Because I also suspected the possibility of h pylori I took a dose of pepto bismol daily in addition to pre and probiotics.
This helped significantly with my reflux though I still had some minor issues.
I still suffered from extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, which is common with hashimotos but much worse after covid.
I decided to look into some Ayurvedic medicine and a week ago started ashwagandha and black seed oil. Both have amazing benefits and there’s a link between Long Covid and EBV, and EBV is considered a factor in hashimotos too.
I also added Maca and oil of oregano. Oil of oregano can help with EBV as well. Black seed oil has been shown to help with h pylori as well.
Since starting these my fatigue is greatly improved. My reflux is practically gone and I’m actually able to do squats ( two years ago I could do 300 squats a day but since Covid started ( I thought I had covid back in 2020 but negative tests) I couldn’t do ten squats without feeling like my legs would fall off. Yesterday I did over 100 where a week ago couldn’t.

These might be good options. There are a lot of benefits to black seed oil ( nigella sativa) and oil of oregano as well as ashwagandha.
I haven’t felt this good in a long time.
Black seed oil and oil of oregano both can help with EBV and also blastocystis hominis ( another suspect in hashimotos).

Hopefully this helps someone

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Hi, sorry a bit lost, part of the brain fog. What is EVB?

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Epstein Barr virus, akin to mononucleosis. Mine’s been reactivated according to labs. Everyone has it, mostly dormant according to my Dr.

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