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Posted by dablues @dablues, May 9, 2021

I have AVM's in my Colon and maybe in my small intestines. Don't know but my Gastro doctor said I could have them anywhere. Now I'm under a physican from University Cancer & Blood Center to monitor my bleeding. Right now I'm on Iron Pills. I have had an iron infusion more than once but they are expensive. Right now my stomach has bothered me for a long while. Been to the Gastro this past year or so numerous times. This time he took a stool sample and there is blood in there. I also have pre-cancerous polyps. The last colonoscopy was 2019 and I asked when I could have it again since this is hereditary. He said next year, but now because of the blood they are setting me up for a endoscopy and colonoscopy. The last colonoscopy I was told it was ok, but upon reading the report I read something about not being able to get through the ilium which I don't know what that is about, but nothing was told to me.

I was told years ago to take fish oil pills. Now I find out that they can cause bleeding. I also started taking Turmeric, and find out they can also cause bleeding. Doctors won't talk to me about it since they are supplements. The instructions for the colonoscopy no GARLIC, I use garlic in my foods every day, but did not know that could be a blood thinner. Now they say no Vitamin D before the colonoscopy. Never had that told to me before. Also, I went from regular fish oil pills to Krill Oil pills and find they can also make you bleed. I stopped taking aspirin and Celebrex when I found out I had AVM's but am so confused. So, what Herbs supplements can be safe for someone with AVM's? Any suggestions.

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I hope that you can focus on all the right things that you are doing and realize that you are doing what is needed. It is easy to have the imagination take off without evidence of a problem and it can be debilitating if not recognized. Since you know that you are heading that way, try to remember that you have made sound decisions at this point. No one has given you reason for believing those things yet, so as we say in our family, it isn’t time to worry yet. Just stay in touch here and we will help as we can. Nancy

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Thank you! I just came across an article that said being treated with iron you can gain weight. Have you heard that? I've gained 20 lbs in the past year since I have used iron supplements off and on. The article said that you might need to change your diet or if you have a metabolic disease. I can't change what I eat since I don't eat a lot at all and kept weight off for over 4 years until I started taking iron pills. I did have a couple iron infusions before. I do have a thyroid problem so am wondering if that could be the problem for all my weight gain. I work out on a treadmill 7 days a week, 45 minutes per day, but today I have done 1 hr and this afternoon will do a few more 15 minute intervals.

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