AV node ablation and symptoms

Posted by bobmidwest86791 @bobmidwest86791, Jun 4 3:41am

Has anyone had an AV Nod ablation and still experiencing A/F symptoms? I contemplating such a procedure as this pesky AFIB is sometimes too difficult to live with.

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I'm not quite clear....did you have an AV ablation, and are still experiencing palpitations? Do you know for a fact that it really is AF? Maybe it's PACs, PVCs, bowel gas (don't laugh, it can have the same sensation).


I have had an ablation for a/f and one for pvc’s, in 2020 and 2021. I was recently wearing a monitor for two weeks and very symptomatic but today was told I wasn’t in AFIB during that time. Now I’m totally confused and lost as to why I had symptoms of extreme fatigue, light headedness and shortness of breath. Prior to this news I was wondering about av node ablation and pacemaker as I’m unwilling to live like this. Next is for my local hospital to send the holter results to my doctor at Mayo.
I would have placed a very large 100% wager on AFIB…….. and I actually forgot that the next step is a treadmill scheduled for two weeks at my local hospital looking for something other than obvious.


Thanks for asking. I am considering the ablation as well, but still on the fence.


The stress test is sure to pinpoint the cause of your breathlessness and other unwelcome sensations. It helps to put you into arrhythmia if you have arrhythmia, but they can also administer isoproterenol or adenosine to make your heart speed up or slow down to see what those processes show. You'll be on at least a six lead EKG, possibly 12 if they have already had trouble figuring out why you're having palpitations that they can't see.

The AV node ablation is a drastic step, but for a great many it is the final step to freedom from arrhythmia. However, don't be hasty to accept that procedure because sometimes the heart is so badly disordered that a pacemaker doesn't seem to rectify the heart's electrical faults. Happened to one female I know on another forum whose fortitude and resolve to live are amazing....but she's an absolute mess cardiac-wise.

Have faith and let the experts pinpoint what is going on. There is a remedial measure in the future for you.

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