Autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis in sacrum….

Posted by nemo1 @nemo1, Aug 11, 2022

I had an MRI show past damage to the right sacrum. It showed other things I don’t understand. (It did not light up, so didn’t show inflammation. But is indicative of PA, Autoimmune. My question is, how much pain is caused by this (sacrum) and how much of it is the neuropathy. I have been having a lot of pains and spasms in the lower body…I am not sure if I want to go on an injectable for the PA. That is an option. But I don’t want it to get worse. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @nemo1, We do have a discussion about psoriatic arthritis. You can find it here –
Psoriatic Arthritis:
I'd also like to invite @whr, @wsh66, and @peach414144 to the conversation since the have had experience with PA.

Here is some information that you might like to read: "What does arthritis in the sacrum feel like? You may experience sacroiliac (SI) joint pain as a sharp, stabbing pain that radiates from your hips and pelvis up to the lower back and down to the thighs. Sometimes it may feel numb or tingly, or as if your legs are about to buckle." — SI Joint Pain: Causes, Treatment, and More – Healthline:

Did you discuss any of this with the physician that ordered the MRI?


Hello! Thank you for responding to my post.

I have not yet spoken in detail about those pains and spasms but I told the Neurologist (the ordering doctor was my Rheumatologist).

Should I? What specific things do you think I should mention to her? I went to her for something unrelated (sjogrens syndrome)




@nemo1 I, too, have an autoimmune disease and I have really learned the importance of sharing everything with all of my doctors. My autoimmune disease is inflammation on my brain. I’ve been treated for almost 4years and for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been doing pretty well. Then some friends commented that my walking seemed more unsteady. I had thought so, too, but ignored it. BUT, i did send a message to my neurologist, who promptly acted. My MRI showed new areas of disease, so I have a new treatment plan. I’m saying all this to tell you how important it is to share info with your doctor. The rheumatologist is a specialist in autoimmune diseases so she needs to know everything so she can help you.
She should already have access to the MRI report, you can give her details about the pain: location, severity, what starts it, etc. Write it down. Keep a daily log tracking your pain. Write down everything you can think of. I know this seems like a big task, but it allows you to take control of your health.
Do you think you can do this?


Hi Becky,
Thank you so much for reaching out. I can do this…
My Rheumy and Neuro both saw the MRI. I had two done one of sacrum other of lumbar.

I have been and will continue to journal. Thank you for sharing its importance. I will put on my medical history autoimmune psoriatic arthritis.
I am sorry for what you are going through. I’m glad you are on top of it.
Thank you so much for your response!



Do your homework about taking TNF blockers. They can be quite damaging to the peripheral nerves which can lead to several outcomes. None of the outcomes are worth the risk.

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