Autoimmune hepatitis: Any special diet I should be eating?

Posted by geedle12 @geedle12, Sep 2, 2022

Diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis 6 months ago. ALT and AST elevated. Was taking 3 mg of budesonide but recent blood test showed increase in enzymes so MD increased to 6 mg a day. I also have osteoporosis and am worried about taking steroids. I am reaching out to anyone who has AIH because I feel I need support. My endocrinologist has me on high calcium diet. Will this hurt my liver? Any special diet I should be eating? Any input appreciated!

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@geedle12, I do not have any information to share with you. I am a patient and I rely on my own experience. I commend you for listening to your body and for bringing issues like the herpes simplex to the attention of your doctors.
How often are the labs drawn? My labs were routinely drawn every 3 months, with extra labs as needed. I felt like a pincushion sometimes! You said that you were diagnosed with AIH just 6 months ago, and I suspect that more labs, over time, will show a pattern that will show whether your body is reacting to the steroids for control of AIH.
It is okay to be frustrated because liver disease is a frustrating thing. It can be slow to develop, and difficult to diagnose and to treat. From my experience, the best thing that you can do is to: develop a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and staying physically active, take the meds and calcium your doctor has prescribed, don't take any over-the counter meds or supplements without doctor's approval, no aspirin, and no alcohol. Trust me, it is easier than it sounds. And most important – keep a list of questions and symptoms to discuss with your doctors.

Keep me posted.

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Thank you i will! Labs are drawn 1x month .

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