Auditory hallucinations and musical ear

Posted by ladyliz46 @ladyliz46, Apr 11, 2022

My son, an adult, has auditory hallucinations and has had musical ear, where he described it as a radio station and could say what he wanted to hear and would hear his requested song, etc. He has not mentioned that in almost 3yrs, but hears voices 24/7. He constantly talks back to these voices. Most of them tell him they are after him and the horrible things they are going to do to him, and they will put him back in prison, etc. (Drug chgs….though he has been out 2 1/2 yrs and doung good). Though he flat out denies it, we all see he probably suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He hears things at night besides voices, and thinks people are outside or under our mobile home. And he checks the locked doors and windows all the time. He thinks he hears the neighbors talking about him, call8ng his work to get him fired….on and on. He curses the voices most of the time and gets very angry with them. He refuses to take any psych medication because it makes him so sleepy and thinks its a way of "being controlled"…by "them". He thinks the fbi, the police, the sheriff's…are all after him. His sense of smell….sometimes he thinks someone is outside his window and under the house piping ether and other stuff into his room. He says he smells it so strong it chokes him and makes him short of breath. ….I am at a loss. He will not listen to me or anyone. He has even accused me of being in on all of it. He cannot hold a job more than 2wks……he cannot be totally alone for too long at all. He is also a diabetic and has thyroid issues as well as and some hbp. What so I do…..he would be beyond angry if he knew I was even writing this. I trued to get him to read articles on my phone about the hearing issues but he will not do it. He only believes what he reads in print and only if its a reputable person or Dr that he chooses to believe… me please. Oh and I am on SS only and he is unable to keep a job, so there us no insurance, making getting help almost impossible.

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Hi @ladyliz46, welcome. It sounds like you have a boatload of concerns for your son. This can't be easy for either you or him.

You might be able to find some assistance using the Social Care website called FindHelp. Type your Zip code into this search engine
Find Help can help you find financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help in your local area.

It can be a challenge to help someone if they don't want help or don't think they need medical attention. Does he have a doctor that he trusts?


Your son is obviously suffering from mental illness and you did not mention any treatment or medications he receives but you do note schizophrenia. Does he have a diagnosis like this? If yes, his symptoms are part of the cycle of this disease when not in treatment, which it sounds like you both desperately need him to be in. Please follow Colleen’s suggestions and seek emergency help for your son.


I’m very late to responding to your post, but I wanted to mention all the same in case it could be helpful to you & your son. I wanted to recommend the book Brain Energy: a revolutionary breakthrough in understanding mental health and improving treatment for anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more by Christopher M Palmer MD. I would also want to encourage you to help your son to connect with a psychiatrist that will focus on dietary intervention as a compliment to psychiatric treatment. Medication is merely one avenue to address the symptoms he’s experiencing.

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