Atresia repair surgery financial aid

Posted by yaotaonb123 @yaotaonb123, Apr 30, 2021

I was born with atresia and microtia. I'm about to do an atresia repair revision surgery with my original surgeon to get my hearing recovered. Currently, my family has no income and the surgeon is out of network with all insurance companies. Because I only have an HMO plan so this surgery won't be covered by my insurance which means I have to pay all the expenses in full. I've reached out to more than 30 organization seeking for financial aid or grants but most of them on provide aid for hearing aid only and doesn't support this types of surgery at all. I was referred to this forum by one of them so just curious are does anyone knows resources or organizations that do provide surgery fee financial assistance for my situation?

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Oh I hope someone can refer you to an agency that will help. I am in Canada and although I must admit I am not familiar with this surgery or the reason for it, I hope you can get it done and that it is successful. If no agency can help, would Go Fund Me be a possibility? Here it is often used but of course no guarantees of donations but I dont think there would be any cost to try it, although they may take a percentage? Best of luck … is this an expensive $$ surgery may I ask? J. (Ontario)


@yaotaonb123, I searched the HLAA website and, as you've already discovered, many financial assistance programs are for hearing aids assistive devices or rehabilitation services. Here's the webpage in case it includes something you haven't tried already.

Financial Assistance:

@julieo4 @bookysue @wetmountainjohn @imallears @mikepa @bobbiefriend @th1 @tonyinmi might have further ideas.

Yaotaonb123, have you investigated financial assistance programs at the hospital where you'll be getting the surgery? I recommend contacting a social worker at the hospital. They can help.


Thank you so much. Very timely. My doc wants to discuss my options. We are frustrated . My insurance does not cover enough.


@yaotaonb123 Have you looked into Sertoma? It is a non-profit based in Nebraska or Kansas I believe but has State Chapters and it provides financial assistance for people with hearing needs. I thought they did more than hearing aids. Good luck.


Have you looked at surgery options that are 'in your network'?

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