At Home Food Sensitivity Test ?

Posted by Laurie @roch, May 3, 2021

Has anyone tried the Food Sensitivity Test (like Everlywell) ?
What brand did you use?
Just wondering if they were accurate and helpful?


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Hi Laurie @roch – Thank you for starting this discussion. I'm sure it's a question a lot of folks have thought about and asked themselves. I'm a born skeptic, mainly because I've wasted a lot of money on things that I thought would really help me only to find out it didn't pan out like it was advertised. I try to do some research and like you try to find a personal connection from someone who has used the product and not one that is part of the advertising information. Here's some information that I found on the topic that you may have already seen.

Best At-Home Food Sensitivity Tests:
What Is the Best Food Sensitivity Test?:
Are food-sensitivity testing kits useful?:
The myth of IgG food panel testing:


Oh, dear. I wish you had presented this wonderful information a few weeks ago. I may not have ordered the food panel test as one of three tests I had done from a lab in Arizona. I guess I'll ask my doctor to prescribe tests to confirm their findings…particularly their finding I'm allergic to eggs and not bothered by dairy. In the meantime, I'll try an elimination test — one at a time — to see if I can notice any problems from eliminating and then adding them back to my diet. Thanks for posting this and letting others know to beware!

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