Asthma and Dupixent

Posted by kspowell @kspowell, Aug 18 8:08am

Does anyone have asthma and experience with the monoclonal antibody Dupixent and would share pros and cons?


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Have you been told that your asthma is caused by a problem with eosinophils? Okay, that's why my husband takes Dupixent. It also cleared up his skin. Before the Dupixent, we would make visits to the ER, and he was admitted one time and he was intubated which was scary because I was told he might not be able to be taken off of it.
He injects himself with the Dupixent every other week and had no problems. He can breathe so much better and can do projects and walk across a parking lot without gasping and needing to sit down. No more ER visits.


My daughter has severe eosinophilic asthma, and has been using Dupixent for several years now – what a blessing it has been. She used to be hospitalized 2-3 times a year for asthma attacks that did not repond to nebs, but not a single time since the injections. She started bi-weekly and is now using it once a month. This is in addition to an inhaled combo med – Symbicort.

Here is a humorous side – she is an RN, who gives injections all day long, and for the first several months, she could not bring herself to do her own injections! She would bring the syringe to Dad (retired EMT) or sis (also an RN.) One time, neither was available, so she had to do it herself, now it's no issue.

I hope these two responses help ease your mind.


I have severe allergic asthma. I was on Xolair for 12 years with mixed results. I do not have eosinophilia asthma. In 2020 I started on Dupixent. The first 6 months I had more noticeable allergy symptoms and my chronic cough was worse but once my body got used to the medication I have done really well. I have required my controllers inhaler and a second steroid inhaler. I have been on this regimen since 2008. I have been able to ween off of that additional steroid inhaler this summer. Previously I haven’t been able to get below 2 puffs of that inhaler. I would say my results have been fantastic I still have asthma and some symptoms but it is controlled better than it ever has been before. My Mayo pulmonologist also feels if I have a flare up it should resolve with a few days of steroids. Previous flare ups required months of steroids and most times IV steroids.

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