Arikayce Clinical Trial

Posted by thorne @thorne, Dec 6, 2022

Hi -- I am in one of the ongoing Arikayce clinical trials (one year of Azithro, Ethambutol and inhaling either Arikayce or a placebo solution). Before I started the trial, I never coughed and since starting, I cough all the time. Can people who have used Arikayce before let me know any strategies they used to help with the coughing? Thanks! (And apologies to people who are also on the NTM forum -- I follow both so I will be posting this same question there)

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@thorne Hi I was in clinical trials for Arikayce a few years back. If you are talking about coughing when you are inhaling Arikayce, just keep a glass of water next to you and drink when you start coughing, that is what I did at first then after a while it all calmed down. Take care

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